Message Series

“Let's Party” Message Series

Join us for "Let's Party," a fun and insightful four-week family series where we’ll explore the surprising and joyful parties described in the Bible. Discover how celebrations, from ancient festivals to modern gatherings, reveal a God who loves joy, community, and togetherness. Through engaging messages, awesome music, and exciting giveaways, we'll learn to embrace and share joy in our lives.

NOTE: CornerKids will still be available for infants – young 5's.

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Bible Reading Plan

Below you'll find the Bible Reading Plan for our current series, “Let's Party.” You can follow along for each day reading using the links below, or use the Cornerstone App!

TIP: You can use the Cornerstone app to read through the Bible Reading Plan!
Just tap the Bible icon at the bottom of the app screen.

Day 1: Luke 5:27-32

Day 2: Matthew 9:9-13

Day 3: Matthew 21:28-32

Day 4: John 4:1-18

Day 5:  John 4:19-30

Day 1: Luke 4:1-14

Day 2: Luke 4:15-24

Day 3: Rev. 21:1-14

Day 4: Rev. 21:15-27

Day 5: Genesis 1:24-31

Day 6: Isaiah 60

Message Discussion Guides

Published weekly, this guide is designed to spark conversation connected to the weekend message. It provides more scripture, and includes thought-provoking questions. It's great for small groups!

You can view message discussion guides individually below, or subscribe to automatically receive the guides in your email going forward.

July 7

July 14