Mark My Words Message Series

With the Mark My Word series, we will be doing something we haven’t done in our Thirty-plus years of ministry at Cornerstone. We will be doing an extended, in-depth, chapter by chapter, study of a book of the Bible.  The series will run from January 1 through Easter on the Gospel of Mark. We are calling it “Mark My Words” as we closely study the life of Jesus.

If you choose to do so we promise you three things will happen in 2023:  1) Your knowledge of the story of Jesus will grow, 2) You will grow in spiritual wisdom, 3) You will grow closer to God.

Bible Reading Plan

Welcome! We are hoping that the whole church will journey through the whole book of Mark together—which means this reading plan is important, because we won’t have time to get through each chapter during Sunday services.  We don’t want you to miss anything, so you’ll need to fill in the gaps in this story of Jesus by reading the chapters on your own! Some days the passages are very short; some days they are longer. Each week, there is also an extra “Diving In” exercise for those who want a little more. We hope that immersing yourself in the good news according to Mark will bring new life to your relationship with God!

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Just tap the Bible icon at the bottom of the app screen.

Day 1 Mark 1:1-8

Day 2 Mark 1:9-15

Day 3 Mark 1:16-20

Day 4 Mark 1:21-28

Day 5 Mark 1:29-39

Day 6 Mark 1:40-45

Diving In: This week, read chapter 1 of each of the other three Gospels—Matthew, Luke, and John. What are each of the writers trying to communicate about Jesus in their “introductions” to his story?

Message Discussion Guide: View the guide here

Day 1 Mark 2:1-5

Day 2 Mark 2:6-12

Day 3 Mark 2:13-17

Day 4 Mark 2:18-22

Day 5 Mark 2:23-28

Day 6: Matthew 9:1-8

Diving In: Watch this video from The Bible Project that gives an overview of the Book of Mark.  (If you’re using a printed version of this plan, go to and search for “Mark overview”.)

Message Discussion Guide: View the guide here

Day 1 Mark 3:1-6

Day 2 Mark 3:7-12

Day 3 Mark 3:13-19

Day 4 Mark 3:20-22

Day 5 Mark 3:23-30

Day 6 Mark 3:31-35

Diving in:  This week, read the entire book of Mark in 1-2 sittings. It should take approximately two hours total. If this seems like a lot, try to think of it like a novel or a good biography you’ve read in the past! What about the story of Jesus hits you differently when you read so much of it at once?

Message Discussion Guide: View the guide here

Day 1 Mark 4:1-9

Day 2 Mark 4:10-20

Day 3 Mark 4:21-25

Day 4 Mark 4:26-29

Day 5 Mark 4:30-34

Day 6 Mark 4:35-41

Diving in: Read Matthew chapter 13, which includes the parable of the sower and expands into some different areas than Mark. Pay attention to what Matthew includes or excludes that is different from Mark’s account.

Message Discussion Guide: View the guide here

Day 1 Mark 5:1-10

Day 2 Mark 5:11-17

Day 3 Mark 5:18-24

Day 4 Mark 5:25-34

Day 5 Mark 5:35-37

Day 6 Mark 5:38-43

Diving in: Take some time study this depiction of the bleeding woman’s story, as imagined by artist Daniel Cariola. (Note: Search for “The Encounter between Jesus and the Haemorrhaging Woman” if using the printed version of this plan.) What other insights into the story do you get as you meditate on this artwork?

Message Discussion Guide: View the guide here

Day 1 Mark 6:1-6

Day 2 Mark 6:7-16

Day 3 Mark 6:17-29

Day 4 Mark 6:30-34

Day 5 Mark 6:35-44

Day 6 Mark 6:45-56

Diving in: For more on Jesus’ experience in visiting his hometown, read Luke 4:14-30 and reflect on the response of the people who had watched Jesus grow up.

Day 1 Mark 7:1-8

Day 2 Isaiah 29:13-21

Day 3 Mark 7:9-13

Day 4 Mark 7:14-23

Day 5 Mark 7:24-30

Day 6 Mark 7:31-37

Diving in: Not all of Jesus’ interactions with the Pharisees had as much conflict as in Mark 7. Read John 3:1-21 about Jesus’ interaction with the Pharisee Nicodemus. We see him pop up again in John 19:38-41.

Day 1 Mark 8:1-10

Day 2 Mark 8:11-21

Day 3 Mark 8:22-26

Day 4 Mark 8:27-30

Day 5 Mark 8:31-33

Day 6 Mark 8:34-38

Diving in: In Mark 8, Jesus begins to get a little more blunt about the way of the cross.  Read John 6:35-69 for another account of his challenging teaching. How did some respond?

Day 1 Mark 9:1-8

Day 2 Mark 9:9-13

Day 3 Mark 9:14-29

Day 4 Mark 9:30-37

Day 5 Mark 9:38-41

Day 6 Mark 9:42-50

Diving in: This chapter begins with a cryptic comment from Jesus about the Kingdom of God. Watch this video from The Bible Project about “The Gospel of the Kingdom” for some added insight on what that kingdom looks like.

Day 1 Mark 10:1-12

Day 2 Mark 10:13-16

Day 3 Mark 10:17-23

Day 4 Mark 10:24-31

Day 5 Mark 10:32-45

Day 6 Mark 10:46-52

Diving in: In Jesus’ time, when someone quoted Scripture it was understood that they were referencing the entire passage.  Read Isaiah 29:13-24 for a fuller picture of what Jesus is saying to the Pharisees when he briefly references this passage.

Day 1 Mark 11:1-6

Day 2 Mark 11:7-11

Day 3 Mark 11:12-18

Day 4 Mark 11:19-25

Day 5 Mark 11:27-33

Diving in: Take some time with this painting of Jesus clearing the temple by artist Bernadette Lopez. (Or do an image search for “Jesus clears the temple by Bernadette Lopez”). Imagine being there when it was happening—what do you think observers would be thinking about Jesus?

Day 1 Mark 12:1-11

Day 2 Mark 12:12-17

Day 3 Mark 12:18-27

Day 4 Mark 12:28-34

Day 5 Mark 12:35-37

Day 6 Mark 12:38-44

Diving in: In this chapter, Jesus talks about the Messiah. Watch The Bible Project’s short video on what Scripture says about the Messiah.

Day 1 Mark 13:1-5

Day 2 Mark 13:6-12

Day 3 Mark 13:13-22

Day 4 Mark 13:23-31

Day 5 Mark 13:32-37

Diving in: Jesus often refers to himself as the “Son of Man,” as he does in this unique chapter. Watch The Bible Project’s great summary video of what that title means and why Jesus uses it.

Day 1 Mark 14:1-16

Day 2 Mark 14:17-31

Day 3 Mark 14:32-52

Day 4 Mark 14:53-72

Day 5 Mark 15:1-26

Day 6 Mark 15:27-47

Diving in: Take some time to study this mosaic of the woman anointing Jesus at Bethany. Try to place yourself in the scene – how would you have responded?

Day 1 Mark 16:1-8

Day 2 Luke 24

Day 3 Matthew 28

Day 4 John 20

Diving in: Reflect on your journey through the book of Mark.  What have you learned about Jesus? What new perspective or understanding do you have from camping out in one Gospel account for this long?

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