Message Series

“Why do I do what I do?” Message Series

We're kicking off an 11-week deep dive into the life of King David. As we explore the most written-about person in the Bible besides Jesus, we'll ask the critical question, "Why do I do what I do?" From his extraordinary triumphs to his complex struggles, David's life offers a unique mirror to our own. Together, we'll uncover what his story reveals about God's character and how it resonates with our daily lives. Don't miss this transformative series!

Bible Reading Plan

Below you'll find the Bible Reading Plan for our current series, “Why do I do what I do?” You can follow along for each day reading using the links below, or use the Cornerstone App!

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Day 1 1 Samuel 31

Day 2 Psalm 6      

Day 3 Psalm 10

Day 4 Psalm 13

Day 5 Psalm 22

Day 6 Psalm 142

Message Discussion Guides

Published weekly, this guide is designed to spark conversation connected to the weekend message. It provides more scripture, and includes thought-provoking questions. It's great for small groups!

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Week 1 / January 7

Week 2 / January 14

Week 3 / January 21

Week 4 / January 28

Week 5 / February 4

Week 6 / February 11