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Support Groups

Support Groups are peer-support communities that offer emotional and practical help.

Support Groups are peer-led support communities. We believe there is a strong correlation between mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Peer support is not professional therapy, but a group of leaders who have a heart for those who are hurting.

Why Participate in a Support Group?

Because it can help you:

  • Feel less lonely, isolated or shamed

  • Reduce distress, depression, anxiety or fatigue

  • Talk openly and honestly about your feelings

  • Improve skills to cope with challenges

  • Gain a sense of empowerment or hope

  • Learn about emotional and practical resources

  • Strengthen or develop faith in Christ

Support Groups | Fall 2021

Support Groups being offered this Fall are below. For a description of each group, just click the boxes. Registrations will be available beginning August 1, 2021.

AA: Alcoholics Anonymous

This group shares experiences to learn from and support each other along the journey to recovery from alcoholism. No sign up – just show up.

Anxiety Support

A peer-support community that is clinically proven to decrease the severity of symptoms of depression and anxiety. The Living Grace Group curriculum incorporates biblical and clinical insights for persons who are experiencing mental health symptoms.

Contact Rhoni Kaastra, Care Group Coordinator, for information about our next session.

Blended Families

A group for couples or individuals who are in, or anticipate being in, a blended family or relationship. We discuss practical, realistic solutions to common challenges faced by combining families or relationships that involve kids. Cost: $8 for the workbook; scholarships available.

Combat Recovery

For many service members, the war doesn't end when the deployment is over. Your mind, body, and spirit may have been wounded. But wounds can heal. This is a no-cost, peer-support community for veterans, service members, and their spouses that combines clinal and faith-based perspectives. This group helps you heal from the spiritual and moral wounds of war.


This peer-support community is for you if you're separated or divorced. You work together to process the pain of the past and look forward to reshaping your future. You don’t have to go through separation or divorce alone. Cost $15 for the workbook; scholarships available.

DC4K (Divorce Care for Kids)

A group for children ages 5-12. They join in games, music, and videos to help heal from hurts caused by the separation or divorce of their parents.


This is a peer support community where you'll find help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, partner, child, family member, or friend. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. Join anytime. Cost: $15 for the workbook; scholarships are available. Childcare is not offered.

LGBTQ+ for Families

A peer-support community for family members or ally of someone who identifies on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Instead of choosing sides or debating theology, this group uses clinical data to focus on ways to love one another in ways that strengthen family relationships, encourage personal relationships with Christ, and develop strong emotional and mental health.

Trauma Recovery

Trauma REBOOT is a faith-based course that can help you heal from trauma and painful experiences. This group is led by everyday people who are turning their own pain into purpose by helping others live well in spite of trauma.

Don't See What You're Looking For? Have Questions?

If you would like information for any of the groups meeting, please get in touch with:

Rhoni Kaastra

Rhoni Kaastra

Support Groups Coordinator