Looking to connect with God, meet people, and learn something new? Join us for one or more of our workshops, classes or studies! 

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Workshops at Cornerstone

Workshops are one-night classes offered on the second Wednesday of the month. They offer a schedule-friendly way to learn, ask questions, and meet other people!

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Current & Upcoming Classes

Dates Offered:

  • Tuesday mornings at South Wyoming, 9:30-11am led by Rhoni Kaastra. Begins February 6 and ends March 19 (7 weeks long due to Spring Break)
  • Tuesday evenings at 84th St., 6:30-8pm led by Barb Fay. Begins January 30 and ends March 19 (childcare available for a fee if there’s enough interest)

Join us for a powerful class that will help you forever change the way you love God, others, and yourself!  This course will equip you with practical tools to develop mature, loving relationships with others. And since loving others and loving God cannot be separated, you will also grow in your personal, first-hand relationship with Jesus.

Using the Emotionally Healthy Relationships curriculum developed by Pastor Pete Scazzero, the class is a mix of in-person teaching, group/partner conversations, and video content. You’ll have the chance to really get to know some people as you learn together. There is no homework, but you are encouraged to use the daily devotional book included in the fee for the class. The course is not limited to marriage relationships – it’s for all relationships!

Cost: $22, which covers your workbook and a daily devotional book

If cost is prohibitive, please email for scholarship information.

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Dates Offered:

  • Wednesday nights at 84th St., 6:30-8:30pm led by Betsy Marvin. Begins January 24 and ends March 13.
  • Thursday nights at Heritage Hill, 6:30-8:30pm led by Mandy Fowler. Begins January 25 and ends March 14.

If you’re looking to take a next step in your Christian life, to break free from bondage to the past and experience healing, this course is for you! Life-Changing Discipleship will help you learn to slow down and be with God, and give you transformational tools that will help you mature into an authentic faith filled Jesus-follower with a new love for God.

Using a mix of in-person teaching, video content, and great small group conversations, you’ll have a chance to really get to know some people as you learn and reflect together.  There is some optional weekly homework and an excellent daily devotional to use. This course uses the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality curriculum developed by Pastor Pete Scazzero, which has been used in thousands of churches all over the world to help people become mature followers of Jesus.

Cost: $35, which covers your book, workbook, and daily devotional

If cost is prohibitive, please email for scholarship information.

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Torah Club is a serious and intentional weekly study where disciples of Jesus study the Bible from a Jewish perspective by going through a year-long curriculum together. Torah Club helps people to know Jesus and His message better while teaching us how to apply the Bible practically to our lives. By the end of a year of Torah study, you will have a much better understanding of your Bible, be connected with new friends, and have a closer walk with God!

We are starting a new study in October called “The Beginning of Wisdom,” which will be direct, counter-cultural, and biblically rooted, calling Jesus’ disciples to magnify their fear and love of God. If you’ve been curious about Torah Club, now is a great time to join!

Meets at 84th St. campus every Tuesday from 7-9pm. To contact the leader or sign up, click here.

Cornerstone Essentials

The “Life-Changing Discipleship” and “Healthy Relationships” classes are the core of our discipleship learning at Cornerstone. Watch the testimonial videos below to hear all about them from people in the church!

Membership Class

What does it mean to become a “member” of Cornerstone?

In our culture, having a membership usually means you pay money to get certain privileges that aren’t available to everyone else. Membership at Cornerstone means something totally different!

It’s not about joining an exclusive club or getting special benefits, and there’s no secret handshake to learn.  Becoming a member of Cornerstone is about putting down some roots and committing to making this your church home in a meaningful way.  It means playing a part in helping this church be the body of Christ in our community by using the unique gifts, time, and resources that God has given you. It’s about taking a step out of the crowd to say, “I want to be known.”

Upcoming Classes

The next Membership Class will begin in April. Please email Mandy Fowler at if you have any questions.