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Message Discussion Guide

Published weekly, this guide is designed to spark conversation connected to the weekend message. It provides more scripture, and includes thought-provoking questions. It's great for Life Groups, or you can even use it as a devotional! You'll find it on The Weekend page or you can receive each week's MDG automatically in your email by subscribing to our list.

Resource Center Guide

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The Resource Center

Did you know we have a Resource Center at our 84th St. Campus? Check out what's available in our Studies library! We also have studies for purchase, and a few other resources you might enjoy. If you attend a different campus, our Guest Services Desk Hosts can help you request a resource to be sent to your campus for pick up. Take a look at the Resource Center Guide below to see what's available!

What About Our Kids?

One of the biggest reasons we hear for why adults don’t join Life Groups is that they don’t know what to do with their young children while they’re meeting.  There are some different solutions that groups with kids utilize—one of the most popular is for everyone to chip in to pay for a babysitter or sitters who will be on location to care for the children.  If you go this route, we suggest making sure there is a good ratio of kids to adults and to do your due diligence in making sure the sitters are experienced and trustworthy.

Other options include each family arranging their own childcare at home, or having members of the group rotate in to watch the kids.

Regardless of which option you choose, we encourage all adults, whether they have kids or not, to be educated in child sexual abuse prevention. We recommend this resource as a starting point.

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