Cornerstone's Family Framework

Your son or daughter (or grandchild or student) is in a phase of life, whether they’re a toddler, a seventh-grader or a senior in high school. Each Phase has specific moments to celebrate, and we call them Milestones. Each milestone is a part of our Family Framework.

Why the Family Framework?

We want to partner and celebrate with you as your child is baptized, confirmed, or is ready to graduate. We offer Move Up Parties, Parent Camp and more, to help you be the best parent you can be! Whether your child is entering Elementary, Middle or High School, we want to help you navigate the Phase ahead!

Baptism Celebrations

Baptism is a covenant between parents, the church, and the child.  We also offer adult baptism.

Move Ups!
(Coming Soon)

We know transitions are important in the lives of parents and kids. Move Up Parties are for kids entering Kindergarten, 6th, and 9th grades.

The Blessing

As a part of 4/5 Preteen Ministry, The Blessing is a time for parents to walk with their 5th grader as they prepare for Middle School.


This is a major milestone in the life of an 8th/9th grader at Cornerstone. This 7-month journey is a key element to a student’s ownership of faith.

“We believe that confident parents are informed, encouraged, and empowered. The Family Framework was created for just that reason.”

- Betsy Marvin

Rites of Passage

As your High School student grows, we believe there is an opportunity for you as parent to help them grow into the faith-filled, mature adults you desire them to be.

“The average parent has 75 times the influence of a church leader.”

- Cary Nieuwhof

Senior Year
(Coming Soon)

As a Senior in High School, we offer a variety of events to celebrate their journey.

Parent Camp!

Parenting is a team sport and we want to help you navigate each phase as it comes. Each camp video is focused on a different parenting element.

Ff Resources


We know that parenting is work, so we have put together some helpful resources to help you along the way.