Parent Camp

Parenting is a team sport and we want to help you navigate each phase as it comes.  Each camp video is focused on a different parenting element.


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“Kids who have more adult influences in their life are more likely to hang on to their faith.”

- Joseph Sojourner

Helpful Guides

Talk About What Matters

Critical Issues Conversations

Elem Tech Convo Guide

Elementary Technology Guide

Elem Faith Convo Guide

Elementary Authentic Faith Guide

Elem Sexual Integirty

Elementary Sexual Integrity Guide

MS Tech Convo Guide

Middle School Technology Guide

MS Faith Convo Guide

Middle School Authentic Faith Guide

MS Sexual Integirty

Middle School Sexual Integrity Guide

HS Tech Convo Guide

High School Technology Guide

HS Faith Convo Guide

High School Authentic Faith Guide

HS Sexual Integirty

High School Sexual Integrity Guide

Life Maps

Authentic Faith: 0-Elementary

Technological Responsibility: 0-Elementary

Sexual Integrity: 0-Elementary

Authentic Faith: 6th-12th Grades

Technological Responsibility: 6th-12th Grades

Sexual Integrity: 6th-12th Grades