Rites of Passage

As your High School student grows, we believe there is an opportunity for you as parent to help them grow into the faith-filled, mature adults you desire them to be.

As parents, we have spent years investing time and energy into caring for our children. We want to pass on the good things we know our student needs to thrive as an adult.  A Rite of Passage is a call back to the beginning of what God intended for men and women when the milestone of adulthood was different than Open Houses and Graduations. It was a time of Passage. A celebration. A sending.

Becoming an adult is a welcome, yet daunting, task for most teenagers. The freedoms, different structures and new opportunities can often just happen as students embrace their journey toward adulthood. As parents, what if we took the time to invest, prepare, and send our student into adulthood through a Rite of Passage?

The Rites of Passage Guide was created to help you engage with your son or daughter through discussion prompts, activity ideas and a final celebration plan. The passage can be done in a weekend or over the course of weeks as you spend time pouring into and celebrating your teen.

We would recommend using the Passage Guide during your son or daughter’s senior year, their 18th birthday, or during the summer after high school graduation. A Rite of Passage can be one of the most memorable experiences of your son or daughter’s life.

We're excited to help you and your student on their passage to adulthood! To begin, request your guide using the button below.