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Each family has moments that mark significant moments or changes, particularly in the lives of your children. They’re Milestones – and we believe they should be celebrated!

Your son or daughter (or grandchild or student) is in a Phase of life whether they’re a toddler, a seventh-grader or a senior in high school. Each Phase has specific moments to celebrate along with some we’d rather forget! No matter the Phase – we don’t want to miss it! Whether you’re preparing for the next Phase or walking through one, we want to share the journey with you.

Milestones and transitions are key parts of Phases. They're the moments we want to celebrate with you as your child is baptized, confirmed, or is ready to graduate. We offer welcome brunches, Parent Camp and more to help you be the best parent you can be. Whether your child is entering Elementary, Middle or High School, we want to help you navigate the Phase ahead!

From infants to adults, we believe baptism matters! That’s why we now set aside four Sunday afternoons every year to focus solely on this special sacrament with you and your family.

For parents, baptism is a covenant that recognizes the connection of children to our faith family, and your commitment to raising your child in that faith. You are empowered to be the primary disciple-makers in the life of your child.

Baptisms are their own separate services and celebrations!

Kindergarten! The bus rides, backpacks, teacher conferences, and friendships are all a part of the new Phase of school! We know this is a time of transition for you as well as your child, and we want to be there for you. At the Welcome to Kindergarten Brunch offered each August, we’ll offer you some great resources as you go through this Phase, and share our strategies for Children’s Ministry at Cornerstone.

Middle School is a time of changes! Your student often changes schools, schedules, and friendships. We want to acknowledge those changes, as well as help you navigate them with your son or daughter. The 6th Grade Welcome Brunch happens near the end of summer as your student is preparing to begin the middle school years. Join us for brunch as we share about the Phase your student is headed to, how we can support you, and connect you to our ministries for middle schoolers. Get more info on Student Ministries; plus, check out our Parent Guide.

(7-month process for 8th-9th graders)

Confirmation is a consistently defining moment in the life of many of our students, and we’re excited to watch each class explore a more committed relationship with Jesus! Confirmation is class for 8th and 9th graders. It’s designed to help students grow in their faith, ask tough questions and find answers together through Christ.

The class is held on Sundays, and generally starts in September each year. It culminates in an event we call Confirmation Sunday, celebrated on a Sunday in March.

It’s time for high school! These years fly by as your son or daughter begins their journey toward adulthood. As your student asks, “Where do I belong?” and “What do I believe?”, we want to be there with you to help navigate this Phase. The 9th Grade Welcome Brunch happens in August. We connect you with resources, share what we offer in Student Ministries, and equip you to walk with your student into the Phase called High School. You can go here for more info on Student Ministries; plus, check out our Parent Guide.

(Offered in 3 parts)

As a part of Summit, seniors spend time with their leaders discussing life after high school. With this intentional focus, students can talk about college life, transitions, faith ownership, and more.

A night for parents and seniors to get together with Summit leaders. We celebrate each graduate through the sharing of stories, worship, and prayer. It’s a Sunday night to remember as we walk down memory lane, enjoy great desserts, laugh, and even share some tears.

(1st Sunday/ Monday in June)

We’re blessed to be a part of the main worship service at each campus! Seniors take part in leading our congregation, and they’re specially recognized during the Sunday 11am service at all campuses.