Kenya Story Share

Kenya Story Share

Mark your calendar for a Kenya Story Share on Sunday, October 15 at 12:30 at the 84th St. Campus to hear about the trip and learn more about our collaborative work with Genesis Waters. We plan to have a guest speaker from the area. This group from Cornerstone will go to learn, fellowship and encourage our partners. Cornerstone’s been sending teams to Northern Kenya since 2007, although we have not been since 2019.

This year we will visit with missionaries Edgy and Solange Silva among the Gabbra People, visit Pastor David Gargule among the Rendille People around Korr, and then into the Turkana area of Northwestern Kenya, to see and contribute to the work of our partners World Relief. We will learn, encourage, fellowship and assist in anyway we are asked to by our partners.

In each of these areas we have collaborated with our partner, Genesis Waters, to get clean water and the Gospel to people that don’t have access to either, so we will see the impact of that work as well as learn of new opportunities.

The Silvas are missionaries with Africa Inland Mission, and since they started in the Hurri Hills. Along with support from others, including Cornerstone Church, they have planted three churches where none previously exisited,. They also lead other minisries like the Hafura Project that teaches women a skill like sewing, all while sharing Bible stories and discipling.

Pastor David Gargule serves the Africa Inland Church of Korr and has led pastor trainings for many around East Africa. He teaches pastors how to reach nomadic people through audio Bible listening groups. He is also very involved with Tirrim Schools (Primary and Secondary), the only Christian Schools in the area. And he has helped launch literacy classes in Rendille and Swahili for adults that continue to multiply. Cornerstone has funded literacy materials.

World Relief empowers the local church to serve the most vulnerable.  Cornerstone Church has partnered with World Relief in Turkana since 2015, contributing to the work of local community development and transformation, in the name of Jesus Christ. In addition to this, along with the sending team, Cornerstone Church has also invested in this region by providing resources for clean water, providing audio Bibles and Jesus Film Projectors and movies.


Oct 15 2023


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


84th St. Campus
1675 84th Street Southeast, Caledonia, MI, USA