What Is It?

We’re asking you to prayerfully consider a commitment to giving to Cornerstone for the year of 2022.

This Might Surprise You:

The biggest goal we have is not numbers of dollars – It’s  numbers of you.

If you’re able to give $2 every two weeks, that's great! If you’re able to give $100 every month, that’s great!  It’s about having as many of you who consider Cornerstone your church saying, “Yes! I’m In! I’m supporting the work my church is doing to help people know Jesus.”

It’s the “In” part that matters most, not how much you can give. How many of you participate is going to be how we measure success.

How Do I Tell You “I’m In!”?

If you've talked about this with your family, prayed about it, and have decided to say, "I'm In!" here are a couple of ways you can opt in:

Use the I'm In! button below and fill out the form:

If you'd rather do it the old-fashioned way and fill out a paper form, you can do that. Just go to the Guest Services Desk at any Cornerstone Campus, and grab an I'm In! Commitment Card. Once filled out, put it in the I'm In! box. That's It! A member of Cornerstone's Staff will reach out to you soon with simple next steps.

Thank you for saying “I’m In!”

How Will My Gifts Be Used?

Everything given to “I’m In!” will go to Cornerstone’s General Ministry Fund. Here’s a look at what some of the General Ministry Fund covers:

Outreach | Kids Ministry | Student Ministry | Adult Ministries | Care & Prayer Ministries | Life Groups | Faith Development | Support Groups | Guest Services | Curriculum | Benevolence | Church Vehicles | Software | Buildings’ Maintenance | Postage | Facilities Supplies | Office Supplies | Subscriptions/Licensing | Communications/Marketing | Utilities | Coffee/Supplies | Printing | IT & Computers | Tech | Website & App | Worship | Trash Removal |  Grounds Upkeep | Snow Removal … and more

This Is Why I Give

Encouraging stories from Cornerstone's own.

I'm In! Pastors Round Table Talk

As we mentioned above, if you call Cornerstone your church home, we're asking you to prayerfully consider making a financial commitment to the General Ministry Fund for 2022.

It doesn’t matter how much you can give, but how many of us decide to come together and collectively say, “I’m In!”

We know finances and giving can be hard to talk about, so our Pastors sat down and shared some of their own stories about how giving has impacted them. 

Tithing Resources

What is Tithing?

Practical Information for How to Tithe

Seven Common Questions About Tithing


If you have questions, please email Gordie Nickels at GordieN@cornerstonemi.org

Gordie Nickels

Gordie Nickels

Executive Director