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Help & Hope

Lots of you have been asking how you can help our community as we continue to journey through this new normal. You'll find some ways to do that below. We'll keep this page current, so please, check back often. Everything you do for someone else creates hope!

Ways You Can Help!

WHAT: God has provided an opportunity for Cornerstone to give away 20-25lb boxes, each containing fresh meat, dairy and produce to our community for anyone who needs or wants it!

WHEN: April 15 and April 29 @ 5pm.

WHERE/WHEN: Cornerstone's South Wyoming Campus (2730 56th St. SW, Wyoming, MI 49418).

HOW: Cars will line up and drive through the parking lot to receive a box.

WHO: The boxes are intended to bless anyone who can use them. (No names, addresses, or pre-registration are necessary to receive food).

DETAILS: The food is being made available to us as part of an arrangement with the USDA.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive the food? Anyone who drives in. No names or addresses will be taken. This food is intended to help those who can most use it, everyone is welcome.

Can I pick up a box for a friend/neighbor?  Yes! We encourage you to bless someone you know who can use this food! One box of food per household; up to 2 boxes of food per vehicle.

How does it work?  Drive into the parking lot at Cornerstone's South Wyoming Campus (address above) and follow the signs and/or traffic volunteers directions. Boxes will be placed in the trunks/truck beds/back doors of vehicles.

Do I have to sign up in advance to receive food? No! Simply show up at Cornerstone's South Wyoming Campus on the Giveaway dates (See info above).

Where did Cornerstone get this food? God provided this opportunity for Cornerstone to bless the community through the USDA.

What’s in each box?  Fresh meat, dairy (yogurt, cheese and 1 gallon of milk), and produce.

Help pack full bags of food at our South Wyoming Campus (2730 56th St. SW, Wyoming, MI 49418)

Sign Up Here

The 2nd Wednesday of every month, we host a mobile food pantry at 84th St. that 100 families depend on! With winter coming, and COVID best practices still to follow, we've come up with a way to provide a drive-thru option for guests! Extra hands are needed to direct traffic, push carts with food boxes to vehicles and load boxes into trunks. Michelle Hines would love to hear from you if you can help: or just come to the 84th St. Campus on Food Pantry days, 3:30pm-5pm.

Hurricanes continue to strike parts of the United States. Recovery will take months, possibly years.

You can help by providing vital items residents need as they recover! We're collecting Cleaning Kits and Personal Dignity Kits. Assembled kits are preferred, but even one or two items would help. The PDFs below have all the information.

We do ask that you wear a mask and have clean washed hands as you assemble a kit, and while donating.

You Can Drop Off Kits and Items At:

  • 84th Street Campus (1675 84th St. SE, Caledonia)
    Mon-Thur 8:30am-4:30pm, Friday 8:30am-12:30pm or Sundays before/after services.
  • South Wyoming Campus (2730 56th St. SW, Wyoming)
    Before or after services on Sundays
    Heritage Hill Campus (48 Lafayette Ave. SE, Grand Rapids)
    Starting September 13 before/after the 9:30 service.

If you'd rather donate monetarily, you can give directly to UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief for Hurricane Laura.

Download the Flood Cleaning Kit Instructions

Download the Personal Dignity Kit Instructions

Please Note: All drop-offs happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am-1pm, at the 84th St. Campus (1675 84th St. SE, Caledonia, MI 49316).

Masks are still in high demand! The masks you help create will be shared with our local community (essential workers like grocery store workers, fire, police, EMS, elderly care community staff, etc.) as well as the Cornerstone family (children, elderly, immunocompromised, underserved).  You can sew, donate materials, or help organize the effort.

Questions? Email Karen Baker at

If You Sew:

  • You can use this pattern to make a non-medical mask if you don’t have access to elastic, substitute with fabric ties: Watch Video
  • Here’s another easy, highly adjustable, non-medical mask pattern: Watch Video.
  • You can make the non-medical easy, highly adjustable mask for kids with the size adjusted to 6 X 7 or 7 X 9. (Fast-forward to 10:19 in the video linked to below.) This video also shows you the proper way wear this mask (Fast-forward to 3:16 in the video linked to below.) If you do not have access to cording, substitute with fabric ties. Watch Video

Donations Needed for Mask-Making:

  • 1/8” to ¼" white or black elastic. You may have some lying around in a sewing box or you can order online. If you order online, please order from a place that delivers in a week or two, not a month or more.
  • New (unused), plain (non-patterned) cotton fabric in gray, blue, and black. A Target twin-size 100% cotton sheet makes a nice plain, non-patterned fabric donation if you can’t find fabric elsewhere. Many retail workers, first responders, and men prefer plain fabrics.
  • New (unused), patterned 100% cotton fabric.
  • Gardening wire or pipe cleaners, used in the nose bridge of masks.

Cornerstone Church and Family Promise have been community partners in helping to end homelessness one family at a time for over 20 years! Family Promise provides emergency shelter and basic needs to families with children. During this very unique situation with the COVID-19 virus, we can help by providing some essential items to families during their stays in hotels. Together, we can help ensure some of our most vulnerable populations are cared for during this difficult time.

Donations can be made directly to Family Promise, by appointment.

Family Promise of Grand Rapids
516 Cherry St. SE

Items Requested:

  • Gently used or new fans and air conditioners to help keep families safe and cool on hot days!
  • Razors | Body Wash | Shampoo | Conditioner |Dish Sets (Gently Used is okay) | Pillows (new) | Pots & Pans (gently used okay) | Air Mattresses

For easy, hands-free delivery, please check out the Family Promise Amazon Wishlist @

Thank you for helping to end homelessness… one family at a time!

Send Cards to show appreciation for volunteers or essential workers, to encourage people in isolation like those in nursing homes or generally struggling, or to celebrate occasions. Cards make a big difference in someone’s day! Email if you’d like to be part of this team.

If writing cards isn’t your thing, you can still help by donating stamps! Please purchase Forever Stamps in packs of 20. They’ll be used for sending the cards above. You can drop them off on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am-1pm, at the 84th St. Campus (1675 84th St. SE, Caledonia, MI 49316), or you can mail them!

Donate $20 Gas Cards (for GAS ONLY, not general items) for Cornerstone families and others in need! $20 GAS ONLY cards can be dropped off on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am-1pm, at the 84th St. Campus (1675 84th St. SE, Caledonia, MI 49316).

If you’d like to pray for the public prayer requests we receive, please contact Bill Schuurmans at to get on the email list. The prayer requests will be emailed to you each week.

Find Other Area Volunteer Opportunities at .  Click on “Community Volunteer”, then “Kent County.”

Be part of the prayer initiative. Follow Cornerstone on Facebook (cornerstonemi) and Instagram (cornerstonemi)