Serving in Care and Prayer

As we grow in our faith walk, Jesus changes the way we live! Serving others becomes a way to be the hands and feet of Jesus and show His love to others. Our Care and Prayer teams include, but are not limited to, Prayer Path Maintenance, Meal Team, sending a note of encouragement and praying with recipients requesting prayer.

Click on one of the teams below for a full description and a link to sign up. We value our volunteers and are committed to finding the best area for you to serve in. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or give Sarah Stanhope a call using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Opportunities to Serve

Blood Drives

Cornerstone partners with local Michigan blood banks twice a year by hosting large blood drives to make sure our local hospitals have the supply they need. Our Blood Drive Team hosts each drive helping with set up/tear down, welcoming donors and making them feel comfortable as they recover from donating.

Cancer Care Team

When we hear of someone in our church family diagnosed with cancer, our volunteers reach out to them to offer support on their cancer journey. This is done through phone calls, visits and giving them the book “Cancer, Now What?” to help cancer patients “Take action, find hope, and navigate the journey ahead.”

Card Team

Volunteers encourage and remind people that they are loved and valued in all circumstances such as illness, grief, celebration, etc. by praying over each person’s circumstance and sending personal notes of encouragement.

Care Meals

Care meal volunteers assist families or individuals with illness, a baby, or other circumstances that temporarily limit their ability to prepare their own meals.

  • Hot Meal Care Team volunteers work together in assisting families or individuals facing an illness, a baby, or other circumstances that temporarily limit their ability to prepare their own meals by providing a fresh, hot meal in two week increments.
  • Loving Spoonful freezer meal volunteers assist families or individuals that are recovering from an illness, a baby, or other circumstances by providing a freezer meal to keep on hand to help offset the burden of making their own meal.

Care Respite Team

Volunteers commit to providing “respite” to long term caregivers twice a month in their home for a couple of hours. Respite volunteers give caregivers a break by sitting and talking with their loved one, reading a book out loud or perhaps playing a game. This give caregivers an opportunity to get caught up on their to do list, meal prep or take a much needed nap.

Care Visit Team

We offer emotional and practical support with phone calls to comfort and encourage those facing a difficult life event, recovering from surgery or an illness. Our Care Visit Team volunteers listen compassionately, offer encouragement, and pray with individuals over the phone. If additional care or an in person visit is requested, volunteers coordinate with Sarah Stanhope, our Care and Prayer Ministries Lead, to set that up.

Community Text Team

Volunteers create two prayer prompts a week for our Cornerstone Texting Community based on our current sermon series.

Grief Packet Team

Grief packets are sent to those who have lost a parent, spouse, or child and the content focuses on what they are likely experiencing at different points of the grief journey. Our volunteers send each of four different “Journeying through Grief” books at specific, crucial times during that first year of grief.

Knit.Pray.Love Team

Passionate volunteers knit gifts for people in difficult circumstances from grief to cancer to hospitalization. Each gift is lovingly crafted and prayed over!

Prayer Email Team

Prayer Email Team members receive a weekly email from Sarah Stanhope, Care and Prayer Ministries Lead, with all the prayer requests received from Cornerstone and beyond. Prayer Email Team members commit to praying over each of the requests throughout the week.

Prayer Path Maintenance

Volunteers for the prayer path help with spring plantings and prepping for winter by weeding, clearing brush and laying mulch.

Sunday Prayer Team

Our Sunday Prayer Volunteers pray one on one with prayer recipients in the Prayer Room after services and/or prayer events based on their comfort level.


To request assistance or for more information about this ministry, contact Sarah Stanhope or call 616.698.3170x1015.

Sarah Stanhope

Director of Care and Prayer