My Cornerstone

My Cornerstone is Cornerstone's web-based system to help you get better connected with groups, other members of Cornerstone, helps you sign up for events, do your online giving and more. It’s also a way to help Cornerstone’s staff be more efficient as we continue to grow!

Quick Facts About My Cornerstone

Your login is secure.

You have a unique login. Even if you and your spouse share an email address, you each have your own login.

You can control what pieces of your profile other members see.

See your giving record online. It is, of course, completely private. Plus, you can print your own giving report at any time.

You can look for groups, sign up for events, keep track of the classes you’ve taken, sign up for classes you’d like to take, and get in touch with other members.

My Cornerstone is our church directory! For the picture on your Profile, please use an actual picture of you or your family! (The privacy settings you choose will determine how much information about you and/or your family you share.)

Your ‘My Calendar’ shows events you’ve registered for, your groups’ events, and more! You can also sync your personal calendar with the Campus-Wide Calendar.


Mara Marsman

Senior Manager of Office & Facilities