Serving in Our World

Cornerstone Church is active in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and breaking the cycle of poverty in our world.

One way we help the people of Cornerstone know Jesus, is by providing opportunities to make a difference in the world. We have established long-term relationships in Northern Kenya and Guatemala. We believe Jesus will be made known throughout the Nations through our acts of service, love, and by sharing how God is at work in and through each of us, His followers.

Cornerstone's Presence in the World

Children Hopechest


Cornerstone Church has partnered with Children’s HopeChest in the community of Ceiba Blanca, Guatemala since 2019.

World Kenya


Cornerstone Church has built relationships in Northern Kenya since 2007 and has a vision for all of Northern Kenya to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Cornerstone Partner Visits

Cornerstone Church will send a team on a partner visit to Northern Kenya.  The goals are to strengthen relationships, learn and encourage some of our partners in Northern Kenya. The first part of the trip we will visit Pastor David Gargule of the African Inland Church of Korr, Tirrim Schools and possibly visit with missionary partners in the Hurri Hills/Dukana Area. The second part of the trip we will visit with World Relief Kenya in the Turkana area.

Estimated cost is $4,400 per person (cost covers international airfare, in country transportation, food, lodging and minimum insurance.) It does not cover the cost of a passport, Kenyan VISA $51, food while traveling or any costs of recommended immunizations.

Maximum number of people for the team is 12 but it does not mean we will take 12.

Application & deposit of $250 due: June 14.

Traveling Team Members will need to plan to participate in a weekly study & meeting for 8 weeks prior to departure and at least 2 weeks of post trip meetings.

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Tracy Bowers

Tracy Bowers

Director of Outreach