Strong Marriages

Whether traditional, blended, or later in life, marriage is foundational. It’s not easy in our culture to build a marriage that will stand through change and trials without Jesus at the center.  We desire to offer opportunities that encourage spiritual growth, connection and laughter as you navigate your life together.

Marriage Resources

Marriage Oneness

The hope of deep, soul-level harmony is one of the reasons we get married in the first place, isn’t it? It's that good! But oneness doesn't just happen; you as a couple make it happen, and it can deepen over the lifetime. Marriage Oneness is a very engaging, 10-week video-based series that equips you as a couple to grow in true intimacy and connection.

Watch this page for information about when we’re offering the next class!

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage mentoring is an experienced married couple purposefully investing time in you—an engaged or married couple—with the goal of helping navigate marriage journeys the mentor couple has already taken. It’s not counseling; it’s structured conversations. It’s not forever; it has a beginning and an end. It’s not an overhaul; it’s a tune up. It’s not perfection; it’s seeking health. It’s 8-10 sessions, and is a great option for couples looking for a relational, life-on-life 

Be Marriage Mentors

If you’re married, you might not think you can be Marriage Mentors – but you can! All you have to be is willing, not perfect.

And you don’t do this alone; we walk with you and train you. If you’d like more information, just use the button below.

Marriage Events

Throughout the year, we organize fun events, workshops and special nights designed to help you grow as a couple.


Betsy Marvin

Betsy Marvin

Sr. Director of Discipleship