Infants - 5th Grade


Infants - 5th Grade

Our mission is Helping Kids Know Jesus and Make Him Known.

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CornerKids is a place for kids, *Infants - 5th Grade, to worship God and be encouraged to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We create an environment that is engaging and safe! Kids experience God's love for them and are cared for in small groups.

(*CornerKids is for infants – 5th Grade at Heritage Hill and South Wyoming Campuses. At the 84th St. Campus only, CornerKids is for infants – 3rd Grade. 4th & 5th graders go to 4/5 Preteens at 9:30am. Please see below!)

4/5 Preteens

4th & 5th graders are in that in-between stage: not little kids, but not quite teens. That's why we've started this ministry just for them! Right now, it's only available Sundays at 9:30am at 84th St.

We want to help your child cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus. We do this by sharing God’s word, connecting them with other kids, and by playing games and enjoying snacks and slushies together!

Kids will be surrounded with adult leaders who will pour love and God’s truth into them. We have a larger group lesson and then we break off into smaller groups with the same group of kids and leaders. This allows the kids to get to know each other, and also allows the leaders to be a trusted adult to your child.

If your child is a 4th or 5th grader, we would love to have them come check us out. They can even bring a friend along!

45 Preteen

We Love and Support Your Family!

One of the most essential goals we have is to see families grow in relationship with Jesus together. You are the primary examples in your children's lives, and we're here to support you! Below are some resources to help as you lead your families on that journey of knowing and loving God.

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Each family has moments that mark significant moments or changes, particularly in the lives of your children. We call them Milestones.

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Your son or daughter (or grandchild or student) is in a Phase of life whether they’re a toddler, a seventh-grader or a senior in high school.

Parent Resources

One of the most essential goals we have is to see families grow in relationship with Jesus together. Parents are the primary examples in their children's lives, and we're here to give our support! Below are some resources to help parents lead their families on that journey of knowing and loving God.

Additional Information / FAQ

Special Needs program

Special Needs classes are offered for CornerKids at the 84th St. Campus in room S213 during the 9:30am Sunday service. Web pre-registration is required.

Our goal is to provide a safe, loving and enjoyable environment that meets the physical, emotional and spiritual need of every child. We work with your family to meet the specific needs of your son or daughter.

We follow the preschool curriculum and adapt it to fit the needs of your child. The three main truths we would like every child to learn are:

  • God Made Me
  • God Loves Me
  • Jesus wants to be my Friend Forever

These truths come alive through Bible stories, hands-on activities, crafts, and worship through music! If a child is unable to sit through structured activities, the volunteers will reinforce these truths through play.

If you have any questions, please email Bethann Fernandez.

Special Needs classes are offered for CornerKids at the 84th St. Campus in room S213 during the 9:30am Sunday service. Web pre-registration is required.


Please click the link below to register your child for CornerKids Special Needs. If you fill this out by the Wednesday before you plan to attend, then your child’s information will be in our system. If you fill this out after Wednesday, please print a copy of your confirmation email so we may more quickly enter your child(ren) in our system.

Register for Special Needs

Child safety procedures - Check in/out

The safety of your child(ren) in CornerKids is a top priority. Our child safety procedures are designed to keep our kids ministries areas secure, especially during drop-off and pick-up.

Check-in Procedure

You'll use a touch screen monitor to check-in your children. The check-in system will produce a name badge for your child, and a claim ticket for you (the parent/guardian).

Check-in is as simple as entering your phone number starting with the area code and it will bring up your family. You then click on the names of your child(ren). If you need help, someone will be available to help you. Once you're entered in the system, we can send you a *text message if you are needed during the service.

Key tags are also available to check in your child(ren) quickly and save you time. Please see the Kids Check-In Volunteer for key tags.

Check-out Procedure

You must present your claim ticket to pick up your child. This is vital to the safety of the kids. Children will only be dismissed to their parent/guardian who shows the claim ticket that was issued to them at check- in.

*If you are needed during the service, we will text you, or your child's security number will be placed on the main screen in the service. When you receive a text or see a notification on the screen, please go to the CornerKids Check-In desk and the volunteer will let you in to pick up your child.

When is CornerKids offered?

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What happens at CornerKids during a service?

How do I serve in CornerKids?

What do you have for kids and students?

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Do you offer baptism for kids?

The short answer is yes. Please see our baptism brochure for more on why we baptize and what that means in the United Methodist Church. You can also visit our baptism page for more information on upcoming baptism celebrations.

Do you offer VBS?


CornerKids Team

Watch the videos below to meet the people who will come to know, support and encourage your kids. See who they are, why they do what they do, and maybe learn a few fun things about them too!

Last but not least, we're here for you! If you have any questions about anything kids-related, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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