Thank you for Helping People Know Jesus and Make Him Known through your gifts!

Smart Giving

Mobile Giving

Download the Cornerstone App on the App Store or Google Play. Look for Cornerstone Church GR or use one of the buttons below.

Smart Giving

Online Giving

It’s safe, secure, and simple! Set things up the way that works for you.

  • One-time Gift: You don’t need to create a login if you don’t want one.
  • Repeating Online Gift: You can set up your giving to be automatic.
Snail Mail

Mail a Check

You can also give the good old-fashioned way by sending your check through the mail at our office. Just write the check to: Cornerstone Church. Please address the envelope to:

Cornerstone Church
1675 84th St. SE
Caledonia, MI 49316

Thank you for your continued generosity to Cornerstone Church!

Designated Giving

Our Mission at Cornerstone is “Helping People Know Jesus and Make Him Known.” We help spread the message of Jesus right here in West Michigan not only at our campuses, but in partnership with several missions and nonprofits. We also go beyond our borders and send mission teams to Kenya and Mexico, and support mission partners abroad.

Ministry Designation

Cornerstone Ministries

Giving here provides for the ongoing operations of Cornerstone Church, including outreach, benevolence, all individual ministries, salaries, facilities and our mortgage.

Christmas Offering

Each year we set a goal to raise for the Christmas Offering, to give away to global and local partners! Through the twelve non-profits we’re supporting this season, we’ll reach into our community and around the world.

Our goal for the 2022 Christmas Offering is to raise $150,000 to help meet physical and spiritual needs.

The Cornerstone Endowment

We're excited to announce The Cornerstone Endowment! It will provide future financial support for Cornerstone and our Mission - Helping People Know Jesus and Make Him Known. 

If you'd like to know more about The Endowment and/or Legacy Giving, please click the button below, and fill out the brief form. Thank you for your consideration of a lasting gift for the future of Cornerstone Church!

Tithing Resources

What is Tithing?

Practical Information for How to Tithe

Seven Common Questions About Tithing

Non-Cash Giving
Other Ways to Give

Under extended charitable individual retirement accounts (IRA) legislation, you can make charitable gifts to nonprofit organizations using funds from your individual retirement accounts (IRAs) without negative tax effects. This applies to you only if you're 70½ years old or older.

Stock that has increased in value is one of the most popular assets used for charitable giving, once it’s been held for more than one year. Giving this kind of gift not only helps nonprofits; you as the giver receive significant benefits.

There’s more than one way to turn your savings bonds into charitable donations while reducing the tax liability generated by these secure investments.

Your property opens the door to a unique giving opportunity to help nonprofits. You’ll be helping a good cause, enjoying tax benefits, and potentially setting up a lifetime stream of income.

A donation of your closely held stock can be a great way for you to make a sizable charitable contribution while realizing valuable tax benefits.

Most of us think of life insurance only as protection, especially for our loved ones. But it can also be a powerful tool you can use to assist nonprofits.

These are just a few of the ways you can assist nonprofit organizations. If you have questions, please contact Mark Troy, Cornerstone’s Generosity Team Lead, at

*Important Note: This material has been prepared for informational purposes only. Before making any non-cash gifts, you should consult your own tax, legal and/or accounting advisor.

You Shop. Amazon Gives.


Support Cornerstone's ministries when you shop on Amazon! Here’s how: Use the Go to AmazonSmile button below, which will take you directly to Amazon's website and will pre-select Cornerstone. Just confirm the change, and that's it! Amazon then gives Cornerstone a small percentage from your eligible purchases.

For any questions, contact Contributions Administrator Sally Kwekel by email or by phone at 616.698.3170 ext 1014.