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Cornerstone Student Ministries

Middle & High School

Our mission is Helping Students Know Jesus and Make Him Known.

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Our Programs

Even though Cornerstone has 3 locations, we're one church—and that's something we help students keep in mind as we go through our ministry year. We offer the same foundational teaching at all 3 campuses, but we also incorporate some site-specific events that students from any campus are encouraged to attend. Student Ministry mission trips, retreats, and camps are offered to all of our students.

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6th-8th Grade

This is where the party is! Middle school students will experience games, worship and a message in a large group setting before spending time processing in small groups. We believe that students can go further faster when they have a consistent small group of peers with a committed adult leader. We want to create a safe environment where students can have fun, invite their friends, and build authentic community. Add some pizza, messy game nights, and slushies and you can begin to describe Midpoint.

For 6th-8th grade students. No matter which campus you normally go to, Midpoint happens at 84th St. from 6:30-8pm on Wednesdays, generally September – April.

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9th-12th Grade

Highpoint is high energy! Students in 9th-12th grade can explore their faith, be authentic and grow in their relationship with Jesus. These nights capitalize on valuable friendships with other students, and adult leaders. Worship is followed by teaching and small groups, separated by grade.

For 9th-12th grade students. No matter which campus you normally go to, Highpoint happens at 84th St. from 6-8pm on Sundays, generally September - May.

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6th-12th Grade

Students in 6th-8th grade (84th St.) or 6th-12th grade (Heritage Hill & South Wyoming) gather during service for a time of teaching, community, and small groups that will help them grow in their faith and trust in Jesus.

Meets at each campus Sunday mornings, generally September – May. 84th meets @ 11am, Heritage Hill at 9:30am and South Wyoming at 10am.

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8th & 9th Grade

8th & 9th grade students explore biblical foundational beliefs shared by those who choose to follow Jesus Christ.  Adult mentors walk alongside students during the whole process. During Confirmation, Baptism is an option, as is becoming a member of Cornerstone Church. The class is held on Sundays, and generally starts in September each year, and runs through mid-March.

Student Registration

We're asking all 6th-12th grade students to register for Highpoint and Midpoint this school year. It's quick and easy!

What to Expect

We teach from the Bible in ways that are relatable and usable in life—and it's not boring!

There’s awesome music and singing, high-energy teaching and small groups so kids and adult leaders can connect and be real. During the year, we also have lots of things to do!

We Love and Support Your Family!

One of the most essential goals we have is to see families grow in relationship with Jesus together. Parents are the primary examples in their children's lives, and we're here to give our support! Below are some resources to help parents lead their families on that journey of knowing and loving God.

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Each family has moments that mark significant moments or changes, particularly in the lives of your children. We call them Milestones.

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Your son or daughter (or grandchild or student) is in a Phase of life whether they’re a toddler, a seventh-grader or a senior in high school.

Parent Resources

We believe there are two significant influences in the lives of children and students: the church is one, and parents (traditional parents, blended family, single parents, grandparents, foster parents, legal guardians, etc.) are the other.  These resources are designed to help empower you.

Additional Information / FAQ

When is Student Ministries offered?

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Our family is new to Cornerstone, what should we do next?

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What happens at Student Ministries during a service?

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How do I serve in Student Ministries?

A lively atmosphere, high-energy, and safe place to grow. Where high fives are a must, laughter is the glue, and Jesus is the focus. This is Cornerstone Student Ministry and we’d love for you to join the fun!

To get started, fill out our Student Ministry Volunteer Form.

Do you offer baptism for students?

The short answer is yes. Please see our baptism brochure for more on why we baptize and what that means in the United Methodist Church. You can also visit our baptism page for more information on upcoming baptism celebrations.


Ongoing Activities Throughout the Year

Cornerstone Student Ministry has fun stuff going on all year long! Just take a look at some of these activities!

Student Ministry Events

Squad Wars

Held in September as a kick off to High School Ministry, it's high energy competitions between grades to win bragging rights for the rest of the year! It's our most popular event, and a great way to meet new people.

Middle and High School Winter Retreats

During February or March, we head to a local camp where we get to spend a weekend laughing, growing, and making memories together. We focus on relationship-building, spiritual growth, deeper teaching in God's Word, amazing worship and LOTS of time having fun!

March Madness

High energy competition all during March between high school students, raising money for a good cause. It’s a great time to bring a friend!

30-Hour Fast

Middle schoolers fasting for 30 hours? Sounds totally crazy and impossible – but God uses that time to show up in dynamic ways! Each year (usually toward the end of March) we fast for a cause. We get together Friday night through Saturday for fun, games, doing service projects, and learning more about whichever charity we’re raising money for. We end our fast by eating together late Saturday afternoon, then going to the 6pm service together!

Red Carpet Night

This event is for high school students and is our end of the year celebration. It's semi-formal, and is a great evening of food, sharing memories from our year, and sending off our graduating class of Seniors. Red Carpet Night is held the Sunday before Mother's Day. 

Messy Game Night

Just like it sounds! We find the most disgusting games that we can find, and play them just for the sake of fun. This is how we celebrate the end of the school year to send off our 8th-grade students.

Opossum Trip

It's both a mystery and an adventure that happens over the summer months. Nobody will know where we are going or what we are doing until it is happening. They may not know the details of the day but it will the best day of the summer for your middle school student!

Summer Camps/Mission Trips

Never The Same Camp

For students in 7th grade, up through high school. NTS is usually held during June or July, from Sunday to Thursday at Indiana Wesleyan University. It’s an incredible time of groups, team competitions, amazing worship and great teaching! Cost Range: $335-380.

High School Work Camp

Usually during June or July for one week, Sunday to Saturday. Traveling to a town outside of Grand Rapids, we work in teams doing small home repair jobs that can include: interior or exterior painting, handicap ramp building, roofing, and more!

Mexico Mission Trip

For High School Juniors and Seniors, this is a great opportunity to show God's love in the Mexican community of Acuna over Christmas Break! We serve alongside a local pastor, sharing the news of Jesus and the Gospel through children's, sports and women's ministries. We also share a daily afternoon message for the community. Registration opens in August with 35 spots for students, and 10 adult leaders. Cost varies due to flight pricing.

Student Events Photo Gallery

Take a look at some photos from recent events to get an idea of what your student can expect!

Student Ministries Team

Watch the videos below to meet the people who will come to know, support and encourage your kids. See who they are, why they do what they do, and maybe learn a few fun things about them too!

Last but not least, we're here for you! If you have any questions about anything students-related, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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High School Team Lead
Middle School Team Lead


Lauren Kimes

Lauren Kimes

Student Ministry Assistant
Amelia Kerton

Amelia Kerton

Student Ministries Coordinator

Highpoint Student Leaders

Meet our Highpoint leaders! These leaders are volunteers who dedicate time every Sunday night, offer intentional support throughout the week, and participate on yearly trips with students.