The Blessing

As a part of 4/5 Preteen Ministry, the Blessing is a time for parents to walk with their 5th grader as they prepare for Middle School.

Every child needs the blessing of the parent or significant caregiver in their lives.

This event is designed around the meaningful transition milestone of moving from Elementary into Middle School.

A blessing is a prayer asking for God’s favor and protection. Your student is about to enter Middle School and continue their journey toward adulthood. They are going to need God’s protection. Because your relationship will begin to shift (if it hasn’t already) as your student begins to process life differently, we believe this is a critical time for you to speak into their life through blessing.

We will celebrate this milestone with fun, laughter, connection, and prayer.

The Blessing Event happens just before summer during a student’s 5th grade year. When registration is open, it will be posted here.