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Bible Reading Plan

Many of us try to avoid reading the book of Revelation. It’s full of strange, confusing, and challenging imagery, and we’d much rather turn to a parable or a psalm instead. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In our current message series, "Reclaiming Revelation," gain a fresh perspective on this misunderstood, and often misinterpreted book of the Bible.

Below is the series weekly companion Reading Plan. You can use it as a personal devotional, or a small group study.

Reclaiming Revelation

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Wednesday, Jul 29: Revelation 1:1-20

Thursday, Jul 30: Revelation 2:1-29

Friday, Jul 31: Revelation 3:1-22

Monday, Aug 3: Revelation 4:1-8  

Tuesday, Aug 4: Revelation 4:9-11-5:1-3  

Wednesday, Aug 5: Revelation 5:4-10  

Thursday, Aug 6: Revelation 5:11-14  

Friday, Aug 7: Matthew 20:25-28

Monday, Aug 10: Revelation 6:1-6  

Tuesday, Aug 11: Revelation 6:7-11                                    

Wednesday, Aug 12: Revelation 6:12-17  

Thursday, Aug 13: Matthew 28:1-10  

Friday, Aug 14: Matthew 28:11-20

Monday, Aug 17: Revelation 12:1-9  

Tuesday, Aug 18: Revelation 12:10-17  

Wednesday, Aug 19: Revelation 13:1-10  

Thursday, Aug 20: Revelation 13:11-18  

Friday, Aug 21: 1 John 2:15-17

Monday, Aug 24: Revelation 19:1-21  

Tuesday, Aug 25: Revelation 20:1-15  

Wednesday, Aug 26: Revelation 21:1-27  

Thursday, Aug 27: Revelation 22:1-21  

Friday, Aug 28: 2 Peter 3:1-18