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We believe there are two significant influences in the lives of children and students: the church is one, and parents (traditional parents, blended family, single parents, grandparents, foster parents, legal guardians, etc.) are the other.

Your son or daughter (or grandchild or student) is in a Phase of life whether they’re a toddler, a seventh-grader or a senior in high school. Each Phase has specific elements, whether they’re moments to celebrate, or the ones we want to forget! Yet in each one, there is so much we don’t want to miss! Whether you’re preparing for the next Phase, or walking through one, we want to walk with you.

Milestones and transitions are also a key part of Phases. They're the moments we want to celebrate with you as your child is baptized, confirmed, or is ready to graduate. We offer Welcome Brunches, resources and more to help you be the best parent you can be. Whether your child is entering Elementary, Middle or High School, we want to help you navigate the Phase ahead!

What Phase is Your Child in?

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    Infant - Preschool

    Celebrating the early years. During these early years, we have to learn to EMBRACE our children’s tangible needs so they can build tangible trust. In a world of action and emotion, it’s like a training ground for middle school. Discover more about how these little ones are motivated by safety, and discover ways to influence them to trust and respond with obedience to the One who keeps them safe. We look forward to beginning this journey with you!

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    Celebrating the potential to learn and discover. During the elementary years, we as parents should take a crash-course in storytelling and play so we can ENGAGE the interest of our children! In this Phase of discovering their world and the fun it brings, we know these growing kids are motivated by fun. With lots of love, we as parents can teach transferable principles that help our children win at life and friendships. We’re excited to help you utilize the tools we have!

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    Middle School

    Celebrating the journey toward adulthood. During Middle School, we parents need to master the skill of not freaking out. This is when parents AFFIRM the personal journey of their ‘tween.’ Middle schoolers, although impulsive and intense, feel with passion, even if they change their minds tomorrow. Let’s walk through these years together!

  • Confirmation Icon


    Celebrating the journey with Christ and membership.During the middle and high school years, big questions about purpose and faith tend to come up. Confirmation is an important journey for students as they discover the answers to these questions. This journey is consistently described by students as a defining moment in their faith walk.

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    High School

    Celebrating significant steps toward freedom and faith ownership. High school is a time of testing limits with our kids’ desire for more independence. We as parents need to learn to collaborate on boundaries and give opportunities for trust knowing that our student is motivated by freedom. With approximately 200 weeks left to MOBILIZE our students toward a better future, parents need to leverage our relational influence. We want to help!

  • Graduation Icon


    Celebrating the transition toward vocation, college, and careers. The end of basic education begins a significant time in a student’s life. It’s a moment to reflect, celebrate and prepare to launch. It’s also a moment to identify key relationships that will advance your student as they transition toward a new life-phase and career.

Rita Pierson

“Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never
give up on them, who understands the power of connection,
and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”

Rita Pierson

Lifelong Educator

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